Winter Sunshine

Today I am grateful for this beautiful winter sunshine. Isn’t it glorious to feel the hint of springtime?


Bed Picnics

Today I am grateful for bed picnics because that’s how we’ve spent our Friday night together. We made a great big share platter of yummy antipasto for dinner; it was so good! Triple cream Brie, rosemary & sea salt crackers, stuffed baby bell peppers, kalamata olives in balsamic, semi-sundried tomatoes and feta, creamy roasted capsicum dip, Jarlsberg cheese slices, and smoked leg ham. Yum!

In the middle of winter, when it’s reached a maximum temperature of only 11 degrees centigrade all day, there’s no better time to have a bed picnic with a movie. The rain was beating down outside but the house was toasty warm. The food was delish, and the movie (Contagion) was great, but best of all was spending my Friday evening with my little family; just me and my girl and our two furkids (Missy & Madison).



Warm Bed

Today I am grateful for my warm bed. I’ve really been feeling the cold this winter so I’ve become incredibly appreciative of how snuggly it is.

This picture is of our new bed we bought yesterday; it’s a ‘Jackson’ from Freedom Furniture. I hope the next two weeks goes fast while we wait for it to be delivered!