Our Anniversary

Today I am grateful for our anniversary, which falls today, the 4th of July. Probably because for a while there I wasn’t sure that we would make it, but we did.

This last 12mths has thrown more challenges at us than I would’ve liked, with the biggest of them all being long term unemployment. It’s hard work trying to keep the cup half full when your partner’s getting knock back after knock back. There’s so little you can do except be there and to try to find enough positivity in the world for both of you. It’s draining and it’s exhausting, and the worst part was seeing her lose her self esteem. It’s such a precious gift that was progressively eroded with every ‘I regret to inform you….’

So today I am incredibly grateful we are celebrating the two years we’ve had with each other. We both said over dinner tonight that the journey feels more like 5 years because of what we’ve endured, and we are both so glad the tide turned when it did. Now employed again after 20 months, it’s time to start looking forward to our future together and making plans. Most of all, it’s time to begin healing and feeling whole again.

Happy 2nd anniversary Mardi.
Of all the millions of hearts in the world, mine beats for you.


Kind Words

Today I’m grateful for my boss’s kind words. She wrote this in response to my email today …

“Thanks Kylie…as always you look at things so positively. xx”

It’s such a nice feeling – to be appreciated – don’t you think?