Loving Her

Today I am really grateful for loving her; my girlfriend, Mardi. So today I did something out of the ordinary – I booked us on a holiday, on a cruise ship to the South Pacific islands for 10 days. I’m so excited right now that I had to tell someone – YOU!!!

The best part is going to be when I give her the tickets for her birthday. I can’t wait to see her face light up!! She has no idea πŸ˜€

As for me, I’m already daydreaming about waking up each day with her in my arms and the deep blue sea outside our door.


No Regrets

Today I am grateful that I have no real regrets. Sure, there’s the little things (like I regret that last row of chocolate I inhaled because now I feel a bit sickly!), but when it comes to the big stuff in life I’m happy with my choices.

I’m a big believer in making the best decision we can at the time with the information we have available. Beyond that, everything we choose shapes us into the person we are. All of the lessons learned along the way are important to the soul and mine certainly wouldn’t be the same had I not chosen a hard road on a few occasions.

Statistically speaking you might expect me to be quite bitter or jaded after having been divorced twice now. Instead I believe in idyllic love more now than ever. If it weren’t for the personal growth and reflection done in that hazy-blurry post-failed-marriage state I might never have evolved into the openly bisexual person I am. Without it I would never know the joy and everyday delight my girlfriend brings into my world.

I never quite know where the next turn will take me in life but I never regret the ones already done for they make me who I am, and I like me.


Traveling Together

Today I am home again but I’m so grateful for travelling with my girlfriend. She made it fun just by being there, and I’m so glad to have found the perfect travel companion for me in her.

It wouldn’t matter where we were, we would have a wonderful time together.


My Life

Today I am grateful I’m living *my* life and not anyone else’s because I’m actually grateful to be me. Instead of wishing I was somewhere else, today I am exactly where I want to be.

I’m in a beautiful French Provincial stone cottage tonight with a fire roaring in the hearth that my girlfriend built. Most importantly, that girl is the love I’ve waited my whole life for. She’s the one I cried for when I was alone and the one I craved when I was not, and now we have each other my reality feels somewhat surreal. Beautifully daydreamilly surreal. And as the rain beats on the tin roof and the red wine warms my belly I can’t help but think that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

And if that’s not enough ill get to wake up in her arms tomorrow too.


PS. She told me she’d marry me tonight!


Online Shopping

Today I am super grateful for online shopping because tonight I did all of my grocery shopping in my pj’s, and the whole time I was sitting in bed with my cat on my lap and my girl by my side.

If it weren’t for the online supermarket I would’ve had to go to an actual supermarket before work tomorrow. Ewwww!!! Especially since it was only 4 degrees Celsius this morning!! Who wants to get out of bed early for that??? NOT ME, that’s for sure!!

So, all going well, the delivery guy will be delivering all my groceries right onto my kitchen bench in two days; right in time before we go away for the weekend.

Yay! 3 days in a cottage on the coast with the love of my life. I’m so excited!!
Just me and my girl.

β€πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’› πŸ‘­ πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€


Spooning Buddy

Today I am grateful that I am about go to sleep beside my beautiful girlfriend. She’s already there and faintly snoring.

Gotta go!



Our Anniversary

Today I am grateful for our anniversary, which falls today, the 4th of July. Probably because for a while there I wasn’t sure that we would make it, but we did.

This last 12mths has thrown more challenges at us than I would’ve liked, with the biggest of them all being long term unemployment. It’s hard work trying to keep the cup half full when your partner’s getting knock back after knock back. There’s so little you can do except be there and to try to find enough positivity in the world for both of you. It’s draining and it’s exhausting, and the worst part was seeing her lose her self esteem. It’s such a precious gift that was progressively eroded with every ‘I regret to inform you….’

So today I am incredibly grateful we are celebrating the two years we’ve had with each other. We both said over dinner tonight that the journey feels more like 5 years because of what we’ve endured, and we are both so glad the tide turned when it did. Now employed again after 20 months, it’s time to start looking forward to our future together and making plans. Most of all, it’s time to begin healing and feeling whole again.

Happy 2nd anniversary Mardi.
Of all the millions of hearts in the world, mine beats for you.


Self Love

Today I am grateful I have self love. I came across this quote a couple of days ago and it’s really got me thinking about how my relationships have changed over the years.

Once upon a time my relationship was everything; I fell in love two feet first, and it wasn’t until much later I realised I gave so much that I’d lost myself in the process. It took a long time to recover from that. I felt so hollow, like an empty shell on a beach with nothing left inside of me.

Fast forward to the love I have in my life now. First and foremost I am true to who I am, and everything falls into place from there. My girlfriend fell in love with a highly complex person who had a finger in so many of life’s pies, and no matter how in love with her I am I vow I will always be that person for her.

It is all the things outside of our relationship that we, as individuals, bring back into it. While I love our sameness and the stuff we share, I love our diversity more and I would be bored silly without it.

Never give up who you are for love.


My Girlfriend

Today I am grateful for my girlfriend. It seems strange to say that because the truth is I’m grateful for her every single day. She’s such a beautiful human being with a kind heart and a compassionate soul, and even on her darkest days she lights up my world.

In the (almost) two years we’ve been together she’s loved me so unconditionally; she inspires me without out even trying. I feel so blessed to know her, and truly lucky to be loved by her.

And this is what she had to say about me on my birthday….