Circle + Bloom

Today I am grateful for my Circle + Bloom hypnotherapy program. Designed especially for woman undergoing IVF/IUI treatment, it has been the most peaceful and relaxing way for me to de-stress and focus my positive thoughts on each stage.

I really would recommend it to anyone going through fertility treatment. It is so calming.


IVF Support

Today I am grateful for the support I get through a couple of online IVF forums. IVF can feel like such a lonely process, especially when I’m alone in my kitchen at night preparing to inject more drugs into my body, but tonight it was a little bit easier.

Tonight I got chatting to another girl online, one who’s recently become pregnant, about a hypnotherapy program she used that I’m interested to try. She was a welcome distraction from the jab of the needles, and she reignited the hope once again that all this might not be in vain. Just maybe there’ll be a baby at the end of it all.


Giving Up

Today I am grateful for giving up. I’m not normally a quitter, or endorse throwing in the towel, but in this case I gave up smoking.

It’s been 12 months today since I stopped, and the only thought I have about it now is that I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner? It really was such an empowering decision to make.

For anyone who’s interested in the how, I had one session of hypnotherapy then stopped cold turkey, and I’ve never felt inclined to pick one up since.

As a reminder I have an app on my phone called ‘Since I Quit’, which calculates not only the length of time that’s passed, but the number of cigarettes I haven’t smoked, and the amount of money I’ve saved. Currently it says I haven’t smoked 2923.5 cigarettes which has saved me $2631.15.