Being Alive

Today I am really grateful to just to be alive.

I’ve spent the evening around at my best friends place tonight, and while we covered a lot of subjects in the 5hrs I was there, the most reoccurring one was about cancer. After losing her father to it last year, she’s now nursing her mum through it. And just this week my boss’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer: he’s only in his 50s.

Health is something we all take a little for granted (or perhaps a lot), and when it’s gone life changes forever. The human body is an incredible, finely tuned instrument, and life itself is so fragile.

Today I really stopped and thought about it, and I am truly grateful to be alive. Lets hope I can hold onto that thought for a while.


Tomorrow’s Coming

Today I am so grateful that tomorrow’s coming. No matter how bad today’s been, tomorrow’s on its way, and YAY ….



Pain Medication

Today I am grateful for pain medication, and without it I wouldn’t be able to work today. I have osteoarthritis in my lower back, specifically in my lumbar facet joints, and it has flared up since last weekend.

When I first started having symptoms about 3 years ago I saw my Chiropracter for treatment. Any niggles I had in my neck and shoulders he was able to treat fine, but for some reason my lower back just got progressively worse. I checked it out with my doctor and what followed was 12 months of tests; ultrasounds, bloods, and MRIs, and endless specialist appointments before finally reaching a diagnosis. (thankfully they ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis along the way) During this time I experienced chronic uncontrolled pain and I was a total wreak from it, but thankfully I had people around me who helped me out of the hole.

I’ve now been on daily pain medication (oxycontin) for the last 2 years which has really helped me get my life back. I’ve been able to keep working, and for the most part life has returned to normal, but from time to time it still flares up for no apparent reason. Unfortunately this week has been one of those weeks.

So that’s why I’m grateful to all the researchers and scientists that spent years developing these drugs that have given me relief when not much else has.

And yoga…. I’m off to yoga tonight too which helps my mind, body & soul 🙂


My Girlfriend

Today I am grateful for my girlfriend. It seems strange to say that because the truth is I’m grateful for her every single day. She’s such a beautiful human being with a kind heart and a compassionate soul, and even on her darkest days she lights up my world.

In the (almost) two years we’ve been together she’s loved me so unconditionally; she inspires me without out even trying. I feel so blessed to know her, and truly lucky to be loved by her.

And this is what she had to say about me on my birthday….


Positive Affirmations

Today I am grateful for positive affirmations and the effect they have on me. In this progressively online world we live in I see them everywhere, and I love that they can connect with something inside of me. Sometimes with a sentence, and sometimes with just a single word or two, it can strike a chord within.

This one (below) is the most thought provoking one I’ve come across in ages. In a single statement it reminds me to be grateful for what I already have, and it helps me live in the present; not looking forward and not looking back. Just being in the moment with my gratitude.

So humbling.


Old Friends

Today I’m grateful for being blessed with old friends, and tonight I’m having dinner with one of them. Heath and I went to high school together, and although we lost contact for a few years there in the middle, we found each other again through Facebook.

It’s funny how after missing all those years in the middle, we still just picked up like no time had passed at all. Now we try to catch up for dinner once every three or four months and every time we do I find I get a bit wistful about our friendship; that it has survived more than 25 years.

Mostly I feel pretty lucky that I have people I really care about like Heath in my life, that know me, and I mean really know me, and they still like me!