Barossa Valley

Today I am grateful for the beautiful Barossa Valley because that’s where I am lucky enough to be spending the night tonight with my girl.

One of my many 40th birthday gifts from Sarah was a night staying at the Barossa Novatel in the heart of the Barossa Valley, South Australia, and it is absolutely divine here nestled in amongst the vineyards!

This is the view from my balcony…. ❀


Pace Yourself

Today I am grateful for having yesterday off work so I could pace myself. As it happened I had a really bad arthritis day, and those days are never nice when I have to be at work with a lot of lower back pain.

Instead I was able to take as much pain medication as I needed (I had no need to be driving), doze when I could (and try to recoup some of the lost sleep from the previous night), and generally just pace myself through the day. Even on a really rough day I can surprise myself with how much I can achieve.

Yesterday I made my girlfriend and I perfect eggs and soldiers for breakfast, and a Shepherd’s Pie with a cheesy mashed potato topping and an Apricot Danish for dinner. Yum! And all in my new Thermomix. I also managed to unpack everything from our weekend getaway, sort my eBay parcels ready for posting, and get another 14 items listed for sale. A pretty productive day really!

I have learnt that when my pain peaks at its worst is when I just need to keep going, even when I don’t feel like it. Falling in a heap helps no one – especially not me.


Empty Space

Today I am grateful for all this empty space around us. This gorgeous cottage has cows for neighbours and open fields, and the closest town is still another 10mins down the highway. The air is fresh and the skies are enormous and filled with stars and inky nighttime.

All this space around helps me get perspective inside my head and makes my thoughts so much easier to hear. It’s like there’s finally no static when I’m tuning into my own radio station. Suddenly life is less complex. Time slows down and I am mindful in the present.

Simple things, like taking a bath, become bliss.


On Holiday

Today I am grateful that it’s only one more sleep until I’m on holiday. Not a big holiday, just a mini-break for a few days at a cottage by the coast.

Just me and my gal, an open fireplace and a nice bottle of red wine.



Online Shopping

Today I am super grateful for online shopping because tonight I did all of my grocery shopping in my pj’s, and the whole time I was sitting in bed with my cat on my lap and my girl by my side.

If it weren’t for the online supermarket I would’ve had to go to an actual supermarket before work tomorrow. Ewwww!!! Especially since it was only 4 degrees Celsius this morning!! Who wants to get out of bed early for that??? NOT ME, that’s for sure!!

So, all going well, the delivery guy will be delivering all my groceries right onto my kitchen bench in two days; right in time before we go away for the weekend.

Yay! 3 days in a cottage on the coast with the love of my life. I’m so excited!!
Just me and my girl.

β€πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’› πŸ‘­ πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€


Holiday Plans

Today I am grateful for my holiday plans. I’ve hit that mid week slump when I start feeling like a mouse in a mouse wheel, but having a mid-winter getaway planned is helping me push through it.

My girlfriend and I have booked a cottage for a couple of nights. It’s an old limestone cottage with an open fireplace and a seaside town not far away. I can’t wait to curl up in the sofa with her. I want to sleep late in the mornings and make her breakfast in bed.