Bed Picnics

Today I am grateful for bed picnics because that’s how we’ve spent our Friday night together. We made a great big share platter of yummy antipasto for dinner; it was so good! Triple cream Brie, rosemary & sea salt crackers, stuffed baby bell peppers, kalamata olives in balsamic, semi-sundried tomatoes and feta, creamy roasted capsicum dip, Jarlsberg cheese slices, and smoked leg ham. Yum!

In the middle of winter, when it’s reached a maximum temperature of only 11 degrees centigrade all day, there’s no better time to have a bed picnic with a movie. The rain was beating down outside but the house was toasty warm. The food was delish, and the movie (Contagion) was great, but best of all was spending my Friday evening with my little family; just me and my girl and our two furkids (Missy & Madison).



Blessed Friendships

Today I am grateful for having more than my fair share of incredible friends. I honour my friends and care deeply for them, and the relationships we share enrich my soul.

I had the pleasure of lunching with Sarah today who is warm and funny, incredibly smart and emotionally intelligent, and just one of the most engaging people I’ve ever met. After 7 years of friendship she is one of a few people that knows exactly who I am on the inside. I think we both appreciate being totally transparent to one another, and she makes me feel valued for the kind of things that matter to me.

I really admire her – she’s such an incredible woman and mother and partner and colleague, but most of all, friend ❤


My Goddaughter

Today I’m grateful for my beautiful goddaughter, Katie. At almost 17 years of age she constantly surprises me with how insightful and intuitive she is, and she gives me faith in her generation.
I’ve spent the evening tonight with her and her family, and I’ve loved every moment. We have a special bond; not like mother/daughter, and not quite like best friends, but something really unique that’s somewhere in between. I’m so proud of the amazing woman she’s becoming.