Relax Mode

Today I am grateful for spending the day in relax mode. It was totally indulgent from the back to back episodes of Glee with my girlfriend, to the Apple Pie Macaron I had with my cup of tea this afternoon.

My favourite kind of day ❤


Being Happy

Today I am grateful for being happy. Yes, I confess, I’m mostly one of those cup-half-full types with a big smile that I use often. I’ll let you in on a little secret though; I don’t wake up smiling every day. Sometimes I have to make a conscious choice to be happy.

What I’ve learned though observation is that moods are contagious, and what you put out into the world is what you get back. Unfortunately I’m not happy every day. Sometimes I’m irritable, or ambivilent, or just ho-hum, but when I’m any of those things that’s exactly what I get back – ALL DAY LONG, which just amplifies what I’m feeling. It’s when I feel this way that I make rotten choices and snap descisions, seeking instant gratification to ‘fix’ the way I feel. Not exactly a recipe for success!

So I choose to be happy, and instead, that’s what comes back. I smile at the world and it smiles back at me.

If it sounds overly simple, that’s because it is. Each morning I have my cup of tea in the same armchair, the one opposite the wall with my reminder on it. As I sip my cup of tea and read Audrey’s words of wisdom, I am reminded that the choice to be happy is mine to make.

All the other choices that follow become easy.

the most important thing