Home Cooking

Today I am really grateful for my girlfriend’s home cooking because every night I come home from work to a home cooked meal. Finishing work at 7pm isn’t conducive to preparing a meal but she takes care of the weekday dinners so we can eat healthily every night.

I like to cook over the weekends and make up big batches of things to stock up the freezer, but it’s the Monday to Friday dinners I appreciate the most. Tonight was a fabulous Prosciutto and Pumpkin Pasta with baby spinach. Mmmmm! 😃 I love arriving home and smelling dinner when I walk in the door!


Pace Yourself

Today I am grateful for having yesterday off work so I could pace myself. As it happened I had a really bad arthritis day, and those days are never nice when I have to be at work with a lot of lower back pain.

Instead I was able to take as much pain medication as I needed (I had no need to be driving), doze when I could (and try to recoup some of the lost sleep from the previous night), and generally just pace myself through the day. Even on a really rough day I can surprise myself with how much I can achieve.

Yesterday I made my girlfriend and I perfect eggs and soldiers for breakfast, and a Shepherd’s Pie with a cheesy mashed potato topping and an Apricot Danish for dinner. Yum! And all in my new Thermomix. I also managed to unpack everything from our weekend getaway, sort my eBay parcels ready for posting, and get another 14 items listed for sale. A pretty productive day really!

I have learnt that when my pain peaks at its worst is when I just need to keep going, even when I don’t feel like it. Falling in a heap helps no one – especially not me.


Frozen Pizza

Today I am grateful for frozen pizza. Neither one of us felt like cooking or going out so it was a case of Dr O to the rescue.

*A ‘Dr O’ is the affectionate name bestowed upon a pepperoni pizza by Dr Oetker in our house, and it has a perfect crispy base pizza.