Sanitary Wear

Today I am grateful I have easy access to sanitary wear. Imagine how much harder having your period would be if you didn’t have access to products like tampons and pads? Well, that’s the problem faced by some women.

I had my eyes opened to this little-known-about issue that some women in the world are faced with by a post by Mamamia, which you can read here…

More importantly, there are organisations like AFRIpads who are doing something about it, and I encourage you to support them in their mission.

So today I got my period (how’s that for timing?!), and it really made me appreciate how lucky I am that the only sanitary wear issue I have is remembering to stock my handbag with the goods!

Enough about periods for today, and I think I’ll skip the pic too 😉 lol

Home Cooking

Today I am really grateful for my girlfriend’s home cooking because every night I come home from work to a home cooked meal. Finishing work at 7pm isn’t conducive to preparing a meal but she takes care of the weekday dinners so we can eat healthily every night.

I like to cook over the weekends and make up big batches of things to stock up the freezer, but it’s the Monday to Friday dinners I appreciate the most. Tonight was a fabulous Prosciutto and Pumpkin Pasta with baby spinach. Mmmmm! 😃 I love arriving home and smelling dinner when I walk in the door!


Blessed Friendships

Today I am grateful for having more than my fair share of incredible friends. I honour my friends and care deeply for them, and the relationships we share enrich my soul.

I had the pleasure of lunching with Sarah today who is warm and funny, incredibly smart and emotionally intelligent, and just one of the most engaging people I’ve ever met. After 7 years of friendship she is one of a few people that knows exactly who I am on the inside. I think we both appreciate being totally transparent to one another, and she makes me feel valued for the kind of things that matter to me.

I really admire her – she’s such an incredible woman and mother and partner and colleague, but most of all, friend ❤


Sharp Mind

Today I am grateful I have a sharp mind. I’ve always valued the brains I was blessed with, and even more so as I get older.