On Holiday!

I can’t even describe how grateful that today is my last day of work for a week.

That’s right – IM ON HOLIDAYS!!!!

Woooo hooooo!!!


Bad News

Today I am telling myself to be grateful for bad news, and that it will make good news seem all that much sweeter when it comes, but it’s a small consolation for the heartache I feel.

Once again the embryologist called to tell me that my IVF cycle has been cancelled; this time because although they inseminated it, the egg failed to fertilise.

I feel numb with disappointment.


Egg Collection

I am so grateful that they were able to collect an egg today at my EPU.

As everyone keeps reminding me, it only takes one.

Fingers crossed now that it fertilises!


Free Tickets

Today I’m grateful to my work colleague, Bianca, who turned an average Wednesday night into something far more exciting. She won free tickets on the radio to attend a show, and since she was unable to attend she passed them onto me!

So, instead of my usual Wednesday night at home I headed out to the cinema with a friend for a cocktail party and special viewing of the season finale of the Australian tv show ‘Offspring’. It was even complete with a special pre-recorded message from Patrick for us! *swoon*

Thank you for a wonderful night Bianca!!


Morning Silence

Today I am grateful to have awoken alone because it gives me a chance to enjoy the silence if the morning.

It’s when there is silence that my thoughts are the loudest.


Winter Sunshine

Today I am grateful for this beautiful winter sunshine. Isn’t it glorious to feel the hint of springtime?


My Home

Today I am so grateful I have a home to go to. It’s not just a house, it’s the place I feel most comfortable and secure, and it houses a lot of what I hold dear to my heart.

It’s my little patch of paradise away from the rest of the world.


Meditation Practice

Today I am grateful for the meditation session I did after yoga practice tonight. I was feeling quite flat and out of sorts before I went, but came away feeling peaceful and calm.



Sanitary Wear

Today I am grateful I have easy access to sanitary wear. Imagine how much harder having your period would be if you didn’t have access to products like tampons and pads? Well, that’s the problem faced by some women.

I had my eyes opened to this little-known-about issue that some women in the world are faced with by a post by Mamamia, which you can read here… http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/moxie-and-afripads/

More importantly, there are organisations like AFRIpads who are doing something about it, and I encourage you to support them in their mission. http://afripads.com/pages/E-help.php

So today I got my period (how’s that for timing?!), and it really made me appreciate how lucky I am that the only sanitary wear issue I have is remembering to stock my handbag with the goods!

Enough about periods for today, and I think I’ll skip the pic too 😉 lol

Travel Press

Today, and everyday, I am grateful for my Travel Press.

If you’re a coffee drinker, or a tea drinker, go and google ‘travel press’. They’re made by Bodum and are the best insulated coffee/tea mug on the market. With a built in cafe press you no longer need to make coffee separately in a plunger. It’s brilliantly easy to make great coffee (and tea!) on the run and nowhere near as much cleaning up to do.

They come in a funky range of colours, and after having several plastic ones and cracking them, I realised that the stainless steel one was a worthwhile investment and I’ve never looked back!