Nan Scott

Today I am grateful for my Nan Scott. She was my dad’s mum, and she was this incredibly strong woman that I really didn’t begin to know until my adulthood.

Although she was around while I grew up, she really wasn’t someone influential in my world until we became friends. The first time I really began to know her I was about 24 and she came to stay for the weekend. I remember being anxious about her visit, but by the time she was leaving two days later I didn’t want her to go.

I could never have know it would become the beginning of a beautiful friendship. In the dozen years that followed, up until her death, we travelled around the world together, crossing oceans and seeing the sights. We would talk until the wee hours of the morning telling stories. We shared our adventures and our shoe purchases with each other over room service bed picnics, and we laughed and laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks.

I am eternally grateful for my Nan’s lessons in life. In her unassuming way she taught me about strength of character and resilience. She taught me about respect and responsibility, as well as the importance of not taking myself too seriously. She was quite an amazing woman and one hell of a role model.