eBay Auctions

Today I am grateful for eBay. I never would have thought about adding eBay to this list, but when I think about how eBay has contributed to my goals then it really has to be here.
Rewind a few months to late last year. I had made the big, rather life changing decision to undertake IVF treatment (there’ll more on that in other posts, I’m sure!). I really embarked on it quite blindly in a financial sense because I had no idea what I was in for at all. When the bills started to roll in with too many zeros on the end I panicked a bit. They were huge, and I couldn’t afford to keep chasing my baby dreams without supplementing my regular wage somehow.
Hello eBay!
I started scouting through my local charity stores for great clothes and before I knew it my little part-time eBay gig was up and running.
I really am grateful for the ready made shopping community that is eBay because without it I’d be struggling to make ends meet AND pay for IVF. Because of eBay I’m able to donate to wonderful charities by buying their clothes and preventing them from ending up in landfill, listing the wonderful treasures I’ve found for an online shopper to discover, and making myself some money along the way.
Yay for eBay!